HD Wallpapers for Sonic + Filters App Reviews

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Real good pic to choose form


Its pretty cool. I just want more wallpapers.


I wish there was more shadows wallpaper


Nice wallpapers

Best sonic selection

Pretty good selection Best Ive seen for sonic

No Sonic? (FIXED)

EDIT: new update fixed it and now its sonic pics again ^_^ So...it updated into something called SonicPix and now there are no sonic pictures...or anything. Just pictures of random cartoons that I can apply filters to...


Cool fan art


It has so many good wallpapers!!!


This app is perfect for Sonic fans that are either new to the series or played the games as kids! Awesome job!

Good, but.......

One; there are no pics of Blaze the Cat, which instantly brought you down a star. Two; it wont give me those last wallpapers even though I downloaded that app and opened it.

Awesome app✌

Best wallpapers ever

Awesome art

Those wallpaper to me they look so cool


So cool I can put my favorite character in smash bros on my phone


Really great

Sonic fangirl

C.A.E coolest app ever

Pretty well

It the only way I can get good sonic pictures....

Its good

I like it, a lot of cool wallpapers, good job.

Sonic the hedgehog

This is the coolest app ever. All sonic fans should love this app like they love sonic

My Review of Sonic Wallpapers

The wallpapers are nice because this awesome app is that you can get wallpapers for your iPhone.


It has all the wallpapers I want

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